• 1986 – High-Desert starts in a small house in Singapore, importing health products and supplements from USA. Without a budget for advertising and promotion, it distributes the products via network marketing.
  • 1987 – After enjoying explosive success in Singapore, High-Desert expands into Malaysia and becomes one of the leaders in the industry.
  • 1989 –  High-Desert sets up in Philippines, becoming one of the first and biggest network marketing companies established in the country.
  • 1991 –  High-Desert moves to Hong Kong as a branch of High-Desert Philippines to cater to the demands by the Filipino community there.
  • 1992-1994 – High-Desert makes its mark in the Asian region as the fastest growing network marketing company in the region. With close to 500,000 distributors in the network, it also becomes one of the largest. High-Desert starts diversifying into real estate development, finance and outdoor advertising.
  • 1995 –  High-Desert carries on its expansion as PT. Harmoni Dinamik Indonesia is set up. It also sets up HDI Nutrients, a research and development facility in USA to develop new products.
  • 2000 – High-Desert has truly becomes an international organization as business partners are now able to travel and explore various opportunities in other countries.
  • 2005 – High-Desert undergoes a branding revamp to reflect its international status. It slowly makes the transition from High-Desert to HDI Network.
  • 2007 –  HDI Network starts HDI Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated towards building free schools for the underprivileged in developing countries.