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HDI personal care products goes beyond cleansing.  Each is combined with bee-based ingredients and natural active ingredients that brings out a healthy glow.

HDI Aloe Propolis Cream

What is HDI Aloe Propolis Cream? HDI Aloe Propolis cream is a cream with a unique formula that combines propolis, a natural anti-bacterial agent with aloe vera, which acts as a cell growth …

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HDI Polifrez

What is HDI Polifrez? HDI Polifrez is a gel toothpaste combining the beneficial properties of propolis and tea tree oil for complete care for your teeth and gums. Its unique formula is designed to …

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Royale Shampoo

HDI Royale Shampoo

What is HDI Royale Shampoo? HDI Royale Shampoo contains a unique blend of natural ingredients – propolis, green tea and multivitamins (C, E, B5, B6 and niacinamide), to provide you with the …

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Royale Hand and body lotion

HDI Royale Hand & Body Lotion

What is HDI Royale Hand & Body Lotion? A non-greasy and silky-soft lotion that is easily absorbed into skin. Effectively moisturizes, nourishes and forms a strong protective layer on your …

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BB BSkin

BSkin BB Cream

What is BSkin BB Cream? BSKIN BB Cream is a fusion between skin care and cosmetic products. It is a healing, anti-wrinkle and whitening aid, sunblock, quick foundation and concealer, all rolled into …

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HDI Propolis Facial Soap

What is HDI Propolis Facial Soap? HDI Propolis Facial Soap is a precious combination of propolis and honey that works to cleanse and remove dead skin cells, for cleaner and clearer skin. Benefits …

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