Our Origin2

In 2005, we introduced a new corporate identity: HDI Network. The letters “HDI” stand for High-Desert International. Our name originates from “High-Desert”, a reference to the inland and often high elevation deserts of the American West where we derive our range of natural bee products. When the company started marketing these products in 1986, there was no budget for advertising so it was necessary to be different and more creative in marketing. A simple commission plan was drawn up giving bonuses on sales and recruitment. The first business opportunity meeting was conducted in the living room of a small house back in Singapore. There were a total of 20 attendees who responded to a small advertisement placed in the local newspapers. Soon the word started to spread. 6 months later, High-Desert held its first large scale business opportunity meeting in a hotel ballroom in Orchard Road Singapore. Thousands attended and traffic ground to a halt. The rest, as they say, is history.

High-Desert started out challenging the norms and being different from the rest. Today, we are known as HDI Network but the core beliefs and values of the group remains the same.