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Expand Your Business Network with EASI ONE PLAN

The EASI ONE Plan is HDI’s latest innovation in entrepreneurship. It is a result of our almost 30 years of industry experience which gives business-minded individuals like you the chance to enjoy unlimited, long-term income. This is a network marketing plan that offers you:

  • Easy Access
    Do you want to sponsor a friend from Hong Kong, join a promo in the Philippines, or simply earn points from your product purchases in Malaysia? Now with EASI ONE Plan, you can expand your business in all countries where HDI operates and will operate in— giving you a quick ticket to a bigger production base.
  • Superb Income
    With the global scope of the EASI ONE Plan, you can enjoy not only local benefits but international ones as well. You can add up your production from different countries to get higher international status and reap bigger rewards!
  • ONE Plan
    With EASI ONE Plan, you only have 1 ID number to remember, 1 bonus statement to monitor, and 1 business plan to learn and share. It is the most streamlined and universal network marketing plan. And when you are ready to retire, you can pass on the same plan and benefits to your loved ones.

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