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What is HDI Proliz

HDI Proliz is a throat reliever, in the form of lozenges, made from the most natural ingredients like and menthol. It helps get rid of bad breath, throat irritations and coughs effectively.

Benefits of HDI Proliz

  • Inhibits bacterial growth
  • Maintains healthy throat and respiratory system
  • Counters bad breath

Why HDI Proliz is the best?

  • HDI Proliz is made from natural ingredients that have superior antibacterial properties, providing long lasting effect of soothing throat and fresh breath.
  • Being sugar free, it is safe for diabetics and does not cause tooth decay!

“HDI Proliz lozenges are vital for call center agents like me who make a living out of our voices. Each time I experience symptoms of cough and sore throat, I immediately pop in a tablet and the problem no longer escalates. It helps soothe my throat after hours of non-stop talk. “

-Jully Gayol

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