What is HDI Polifrez?

HDI Polifrez is a gel toothpaste combining the beneficial properties of propolis and tea tree oil for complete care for your teeth and gums. Its unique formula is designed to help control the build up of tartar and plaque while providing you long lasting fresh breath.

Benefits of HDI Polifrez

The propolis and tea tree oil content in HDI Polifrez:

  • Inhibits oral bacteria
  • Helps inhibit and reduce plaque
  • Maintains healthy gums
  • Freshens breath

Why HDI Polifrez is the best?

  • HDI Polifrez is a unique formula of tea tree oil and propolis that work synergistically to inhibit and kill harmful bacteria in the mouth. It helps to effectively prevent plaque formation, gum irritation and freshen your breath immediately.
  • It contains more propolis (shown by its dark color) than other brands currently available in the market.

“Due to lack of sleep and constant stress, I would suffer from bleeding gums and mouth ulcers very frequently. I tried different creams but none gave me relief. After using HDI Polifrez toothpaste for a month, I am free of painful mouth ulcers!”

-Khor Chin Jooi

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