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What is HDI Kids 3?

HDI Kids 3 is specially developed to suit the needs of children today. It contains a superior blend of royal jelly, bee pollen and propolis, and enriched with vitamin C, to provide your kids with all essential nutrients that their bodies require.

Benefits of HDI Kids 3

  • Helps boost child’s natural immune system
  • Replenishes nutrients to improve health and provide energy
  • Helps improve child’s concentration and brain development

Why HDI Kids 3 is the best?

HDI Kids 3 is a combination of 3 best natural bee products – royal jelly, bee pollen and propolis. These contain a large and comprehensive number of nutrients which are all that your child needs for his growth and development. It is also specially enriched with vitamin C, which everyone knows is essential for children’s diets. Vitamin C is important to keep your child healthy and full of life each day!

“We will definitely stick to HDI Kids 3 after all the wonderful changes that have happened to my twin sons. They are no longer picky eaters, have become healthy, mentally alert and are very active in school. They have also gained weight and no longer have pale complexion. Best of all, they just love the taste of HDI Kids 3! “

-Kim Geon Woo & Kim Kuan Woo (South Korea)

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