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Dynamic 3

What is HDI Dynamic 3?

HDI Dynamic 3 has been specially developed with a superior blend of royal jelly, bee pollen and propolis, all in 1 capsule! Each capsule supplies your body with all the nutrients that it requires.

  • Royal Jelly
    Well-known for YOUTH and VITALITY, royal jelly is highly nutritious. Rich in proteins, enzymes, vitamins and minerals, it helps rejuvenate and slow down the skin’s natural ageing process.
  • Bee Pollen
    NATURE’S MOST PERFECT FOOD. Bee pollen is flower pollen specially selected by the bees for food. Rich in all essential nutrients to provide your body with everything it needs!
  • Propolis
    BOOSTS YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. Used by bees to protect their colony from diseases for over 45 million years! Its strong anti-bacterial properties and high antioxidant content provide you with all the protection you need from the harmful environment today.

Benefits of HDI Dynamic 3

  • Boosts your natural immune system
  • Replenishes nutrients to improve health and provide energy
  • Helps improve concentration and memory
  • Helps keep skin youthful
  • Protects your heart
  • Anti-cancer8
  • Beneficial for respiratory system

Why HDI Dynamic 3 is the best?

HDI Dynamic 3 contains 3 best natural bee products – royal jelly, bee pollen and propolis in every capsule to provide the all essential nutrients at a go.

“Since I’m juggling between a call center job and law school, I need to maintain a healthy body. With HDI Dynamic 3, I seldom get sick. In just a few weeks of taking it, I also noticed how my memory and concentration has improved! I also have enough energy to last me both work and school.”

-Leomar Ladonga

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