What is Bee Pollen?

Pollen is a golden or brown colored granule, the male part of a flower which is needed in the reproduction process. One pollen granule contains 500,000 to 5 million pollen spores, each is rich in nutrients and capable of reproducing its species.

Honeybees harvest pollen for food, instinctively gathering only pure and healthy pollen. They then mix the pollen with flower nectar and their secretions to form one of nature’s most synergistically balanced and bioavailable foods. Bee pollen is used by honeybees to provide them with energy to do work!

Bee pollen is known as the most complete food from Mother Nature, rich in nutrients that are needed by our bodies

Bee Pollen

  • Increases energy and endurance
  • Is a source of complete nutrients
  • Improves concentration4 and brain function
  • Normalizes cholesterol and protects against heart diseases
  • Antioxidant

Why HDI Bee Pollen Is the best?

  • HDI Bee Pollen is derived from a special blend of extra-high potency bee pollens from different areas of USA – high deserts of Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Montana and Idaho. This resulting blend contains high nutritional value, superior to any single-source bee pollen. Also known as ‘pollen of a thousand flowers’.
  • HDI Bee Pollen is harvested from high desert areas of the United States which comes naturally dry from the hive and requires no artificial heating to get rid of the moisture which will destroy all enzymes and reduce nutrient value.
  • HDI Bee Pollen is flash-frozen at zero degrees – the only satisfactory method to maintain hive freshness, preserve all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients indefinitely.
  • No artificial coloring, sweetener, flavor and chemical preservatives are added to HDI Bee Pollen.

HDI Honeybee PollenS
Nature’s most perfect food for children





It is bee pollen specially formulated for your children, in chewable tablet form with tasty flavor of honey and vanilla, and each tablet contains 130mg of pure bee pollen.

Nature’s most perfect food

Pollenergy 520





It is formulated for adults, and each tablet contains 520mg of pure bee pollen with high nutritional value.

“I’m revived. There’s now more power in my legs. HDI is my secret. It makes me stronger and gives me speed.”

-Lydia de Vega-Mercado (Asia’s fastest woman)

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