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Aloe Propolis Cream

What is HDI Aloe Propolis Cream?

HDI Aloe Propolis cream is a cream with a unique formula that combines propolis, a natural anti-bacterial agent with aloe vera, which acts as a cell growth stimulator and scar inhibitor. These 2 ingredients work synergistically to enhance the healing process of wounds.

HDI Aloe Propolis Cream is also enriched with other ingredients such as sun flower oil, jojoba oil, collagen and elastin which also work well for the healing process of wounds.

Benefits of HDI Aloe Propolis Cream

  • Protects wounds
  • Possesses regeneration properties
  • Curbs inflammation
  • Helps treat any kind of wounds

Why HDI Aloe Propolis Cream is the best?

With a unique combination of propolis and aloe vera that works synergistically, HDI Aloe Propolis Cream is a natural antiseptic cream which helps optimize the wound healing process. This cream can be used on all skin types.

“My son suffered from eczema since he was 6. He would be in a regular scratching frenzy that would irritate and inflame (with pustules) his skin. Dermatologist-recommended anti-itch creams only provided temporary relief. But after 2 months of using HDI Aloe Propolis Cream, his scratching wounds dried up and healed, and the itching now rarely occurs. “

-Alice Lim

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