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What is HDI Network?

HDI Network is the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) subsidiary of HDI Group of companies. We are the pioneering and largest distributor of US bee-based health food and specialty supplements in the Philippines. Having international offices in the Unites States, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Macau, our global health system network has the current combined strength of 500,000 distributors supported by a spread of 243 Business Centers.

How does HDI Network differ from other networking companies?

Modesty aside, no other MLM in the country has lasted as long as we have. Our time-tested marketing system continues to provide real wealth for our members despite economic crises and our products, truthfully, work (we even have consumers buying since the 80s!).

Is HDI Network a legitimate multi-level marketing company?

On the technical side: Yes, HDI Network is licensed to operate as a Multi-Level Marketing business by concerned government bodies. Our products are BFAD-approved and HALAL-certified as well. However, to the distributor, a true MLM is one which provides real wealth to its members under a stable marketing system, and offers effective products to its customers. In both cases, our answer is also Yes.

How can one become an authorized HDI Network distributor?

One may apply for distributorship at any HDI Network branch found in major cities or through accredited HDI Network Provincial Manager-Dealers (listing is available upon request). One needs to pay for the registration package of choice and fill out the necessary forms to immediately activate the membership.

How do I get a commission? How do I claim it?

The amount of bonus commission is dependent on the distributor’s monthly personal and group purchases. The bonus is released in cheque every 15th of the month through their branch or Manager-Dealer of choice. Otherwise, the bonuses are directly deposited through company-issued BDO ATM cash cards.

Will I have a different enterpriser ID per country?

No, your current ID is your permanent ID and is valid across all countries with HDI. Your ID will remain the same even when you have changed your home country.

If I migrate, how do I change my Home Country?

Submit a letter requesting for a Change of Home Country to the Enterprise Relations Department of your existing home country. All requests should accompany an official certificate of residency issued by the government of your destination country (new Home Country).

When is the monthly cut-off?

The cut-off is on the last day the calendar month for all countries.

How can I monitor my international production?

From the HDI website (www.hdi.com). Upon successful enterprisership registration thru an HDI stockist/ depot/ dealer, you may sign-up for an online account by initially providing personal details in the website (based on your Enterprisership Application Form— e.g., ID number, date of birth, ID card number, bank account).Your International Status is updated daily. If you have problems accessing the website, please contact the Enterpriser Relations Department in your Home Country.[/accordion_toggle][accordion_toggle title="How can I access the product price list of each country?" icon="fa-question-circle"]You can download it from the HDI website.

Can I sponsor a prospect in another country through the website?

At this moment, all new Enterpriser Application Forms, together with payment and copies of the Identification Card, must be submitted directly (offline) to country branches/stockists/depots/dealers in every country.

Can I be the EASI Sponsor of a new enterpriser in another country?

Yes, you can.

Do all countries have the same new enterpriser registration requirement?

The requirement of each country varies. You can avail further information through the HDI website.

Do all countries have EASI packs and cash incentives?

The packages and incentives vary from country to country. They are being categorized under Local promos.

Can I choose not to change my Home Country even after migrating to another country?

Yes, you can.

Can I renew my Enterprisership in any country?

No. You must renew your Enterprisership in your Home Country.